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BK vs RPC Dream Team Review

Here is the Dream Team For The Match Between BK vs RPC Dream Team Review

Wicket Keeper:

With 7 points, Asif-Sheikh proved to be the best pick behind the wickets and would have added great value to your team, if he was in it.


3 Batsmen made it to the Dream Team. How many of them did you select?Leading the pack was Babar Hayat who scored an amazing 16 points and would have given your batting lineup a cracking start!

In support of Babar Hayat in our Dream Team is Asad Pathan who chipped in with an impressive 16 points, keeping the score nicely ticking for those, who had Asad Pathan in their team.

Bhim Sharki meanwhile added another 12.5 points to the Dream Team’s tally.

All Rounders:

2 all-rounders made the cut of this Dream Team.

Puneet Mehra chipped in well, and his efforts would have been worth 154 points to your team

KC Karan meanwhile added another 16 points


Proving to be a great bowling acquisition for the Dream Team was Avinash-Yadav, whose 48.75 points proved game changing for the Dream Team

Basant Regmi provided able support and earned 30 points while Lalit Bhandari chipped in with a handy 29 points too.

while Samsad-Sheikh chipped in with a handy 18 points too.

while Krishna Karki chipped in with a handy 15 points too.

Captain & Vice-Captain:

With double the points on offer, having Puneet Mehra as your captain would definitely have helped your team’s chance of winning big as he scored 154 points, while Avinash-Yadav proved an able deputy for the game, chipping in with 48.75 points.

Total Points 362.25

Combined Dream XI

Asif-Sheikh (WK)

Babar Hayat (BAT)

Asad Pathan (BAT)

Bhim Sharki (BAT)

Puneet Mehra (ALL)

KC Karan (ALL)

Avinash-Yadav (BOWL)

Basant Regmi (BOWL)

Lalit Bhandari (BOWL)

Samsad-Sheikh (BOWL)

Krishna Karki (BOWL)

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