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Bengaluru Bulls vs Patna Pirates: Pkl preview and its predictions


Patna Pirates vs Bengaluru Bulls

25th November 2018

9.00 PM, IST

Venue: Shree Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune.


This is the clash between top two teams for Zone A and Zone B. Patna stands in 2nd place with 6 wins while Bengaluru stands in 1st place with 6 wins. This will be their 2nd H2H clash. The first H2H clash was won by Bengaluru. It will be one of the tough matches, as both have the top performers. Make the teams according to my information.


These two teams have excellent class performers. So, try to make different teams with the different raiders and make captain and vice-captain according to that, My suggestion is to try to make the blueprint of the match and select the players wisely. I will give u some of the suggestions with the blueprint of both the teams. My suggestion is always to join small leagues with my teams. I will also give some important tips for the grand-league.

Looking back into the last H2H match:

Bengaluru won the match with a two points difference.

                                   Patna Pirates                 Bengaluru Bulls                                         

Centre position       Pardeep Narwal           Rohit Kumar

Right-in positon     Deepak Narwal             Kashling Adake

Left-in positon        Manjeet                          Pawan Sherawat

Right-Cover             Kuldeep Singh               Ashish Sangwan

Left Corner              Jaideep                            Sandeep

Left-Cover                Vikas Kale                       Mahender Singh

Right Corner            Ravinder Kumar           Jasmeer Singh Gulia

Top Scorers:


Pawan Sherawat(Right raider)- 15 points(9 successful raids out of 14 raids)

Kashling Adake(Right Raider)- 11 points(6 successful raids out of 12 raids)

Manjeet(Right Raider)- 10 points(8 successful raids out of 15 raids(5 empty raids))

Deepak Narwal(Right Raider)- 10 points(7 successful raids out of 12 raids)

Rohit Kumar(Right Raider)- 7 points(4 successful raids out of 14 raids(7 empty r


Defenders:(4 from Patna and 1 from Bengaluru)

Kuldeep Singh- 4 tackles

Kashling(3 tackles)

Jaideep- 3 tackles

Vikas Kale- 2 tackles

Ravinder Kumar- 2 tackles


Pardeep Narwal- 3 points

We may conclude that

  1. Right raiders from both teams
  2. Patna defense strong
  3. Left Corners and Left Covers are weak from both the teams in this H2H match.

Taking their last respective matches into consideration.


Patna:                                                         Bengaluru:

Pardeep Narwal- Centre                         Rohit Kumar

Deepak Narwal- Right Raider               Kashling Adake

Manjeet- Right Raider                            Pawan Sherawat

Vikas Kale- Left Cover                             Mahender Singh

Jaideep- Left Corner                                Amit Sheoran

Ravinder Kumar- Right Corner             Raju Lal Chaudhary

Kuldeep Singh- Right Cover                   Ashish Sangwan

Top Scorers in their last respective matches:

PATNA:                                         BENGALURU:

Pardeep Narwal- 13 points        Rohit Kumar-11 points

Deepak Narwal- 10 points         Pawan Sherawat- 6 points

Manjeet- 8 points                        Mahender Singh- 4 tackles

Vikas Kale- 3 tackles                   Amit Sheoran- 4 tackles

Both are against TAMIL THALAIWAS.

In Tamil Thalaiwas, the Right corner and Right Cover was strong due to Manjit Chillar. From this, we may conclude that Pawan Sherawat was weak when the Right corner with Right covers was strong.


Already, I have mentioned that these two teams have best class performers. Dumky Specialist Pardeep Narwal from Patna and Silent Killer Rohit Kumar from Bengaluru. Patna has another two class performers Deepak Narwal and Manjeet. If Pardeep fails, definitely they will be the crucial players. Bengaluru also having Pawan Sherawat and Kashling Adake who are scoring consistently good fantasy points. If Rohit fails, they will be the crucial players.

Thinking beyond the line:

From this section, both the teams have the class top-performers. In case of failures, surprise grand-league fantasy scorers will come.

Patna has Thushar Patil, Vijay, Surender Singh in their squad as raiders. If 1st and 2nd raider fail, then any one of them will enter the game. Thushar having very high-chance coming as their 4th raider, if not with Vijay also. Most prominently, Patna doesn’t require the 4th raider, as they have settled with these three top-performers from the last few matches. 

If Patna was near to all-out with all-raiders being out, then Thushar will be in as a 4th raider. Also, they have Jawahar and Vijay as substitutes. But, make sure even for grand-league teams. These will not be the safe players because Patna was consistently performing with the 1st-3 raiders. Even though, if they enter, they will score fewer points only. So, try to pick the top raiders from Patna team.

Coming to Bengaluru, they have two class top-performers, Rohit Kumar and Pawan Kumar Sherawat and Kashling Adake as their 3rd raider. Harish Naik will be their 4th raider. From this team also, the top raiders are performing consistently. So, make sure that, pick the top raiders from this team also. In case of Rohit absence(if he takes rest due to the long season), Harish Naik will enter. Sumit Singh is also a raider from Bengaluru will enter at any time.


Both the teams don’t have the best corners excluding Jaideep. Jawahar who came as the substitute made 2 tackles, the remaining isn’t best. Maninder from right cover would be the best for Bengaluru with Amit Sheoran who is scoring consistently. So, try to pick the best defenders who scored some fantasy points.

Make sure pick defenders from the position of the covers.


Neither team having the best all-rounders. Kulde Singh who scored 4 tackles in the last H2H match, will be crucial in this match. Vijay from Patna also the best all-rounder. But, he is not in starting-7 from last few matches.


1. Make the team according to the last H2H match.

2. If Rohit fails, Pawan Sherawat would be the crucial player.

3. Deepak Narwal who is in excellent form, if he Pardeep fails he would be your picky player.

4. Manjeet from Patna also scoring consistently.

5. Make one with two raiders from Bengaluru and make them Captain and Vice-Captain. 

6. Make one with only Patna raiders and Make them Captain and Vice Captain.

TEAM-1:(If Pardeep shows his high-class performance, this team will click for sure)

TEAM2(Risky team, based upon last H2H match)


Jawahar/Kuldeep Singh in place of Mahender Singh(according to last H2H match only)




Deepak Narwal in place of Manjeet.


Jawahar in place of Ravinder Kumar.

Tae Deok Eom in place of Kuldeep Singh.


Pardeep Narwal

Pawan Sherawat


Rohit Kumar

Deepak Narwal

Kashling Adake.

Don’t rely on my teams. Just put your own teams according to my information given above.

Thank you.

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