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Bengaluru Bulls vs UP Yodha: Pkl preview and its predictions


Bengaluru Bulls vs UP Yodha

26th November 2018

21.00 PM, IST

Venue: Shree Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune.


Bengaluru lost 2 matches in their home-leg and will retain to hold the top position of the Zone-B table by winning this match. This is the 3rd H2H clash between them, as first two was won by Bengaluru Bulls. UP Yodha definitely need a win from this match onwards to stay back in this contest. They have to prove themselves to make their team back into the contest.


It is the clash between silent killer Rohit Kumar vs Aggressive player Rishank Devadiga. Bengaluru stands in the 1st position in Zone-B table with 8 wins, while Yodha stands in 5th position with 3 wins. This is the 3rd time of this season, where both the teams clash each other. Just read the whole article, which gives you the main idea of putting our teams with this information.

Looking back into their last two H2H matches:

Top Performers:

1st H2H match:

Bengaluru:             UP Yodha

Rohit- 14 points    Prashant- 7

Pawan- 6                 Shrikant- 5 

Kashi- 3                   Sachin-4

Mahender- 2           Nitesh-4

2nd H2H match:

Sherawat- 11           Nitesh- 6

Rohit- 7                   Rishank- 5

Mahender- 6          Sachin- 5 

Raju Lal- 3              Prashanth- 3

We may conclude that consistent players were, Rohit, Pawan Sherawat, Nitesh, Sachin, Mahender Prashant Kumar Rai. So, try to put one team with all of these players.


Top Performers

Bengaluru:                UP Yodha

Rohit- 13 points        Shrikant- 11

Pawan- 6 points        Nitesh- 5

Amit Sheoran- 3        Jeeva- 4

Kashi- 3                       Azad Singh- 2

We may conclude that Rohit, Pawan Sherawat and Nitesh was been consisting in all the matches. So, they will be sure-shot picks for this match.


UP Yodha: 

Rishank Devadiga/ Bhanu Pratap Tomar/ Prashant Kumar Rai(Risky starters today)

Shrikanth Jadav

Nitesh Kumar

Jeeva Kumar



Prashant Rai /Azad Singh/ Bhanu Pratap Tomar


Rohit Kumar

Pawan Sherawat

Kashiling Adake

Mahender Singh

Amit Sheoran

Ashish Sangwan

Raju Lal/ Nithesh

Bengaluru was already in top position but UP Yodha need to win from this match, So, definitely, this is the risky team because they will come-on with different players. So try to make team wisely according to my information.


Pawan Sherawat

Nitesh Kumar

Shrikant Jadhav


Mahender Singh

Rohit Kumar

Amit Sheoran

Jeeva Kumar

Kashiling Adake

Put the safe teams according to these players.


The best players to pick in this section are Rohit Kumar, Pawan Sherawat and Shrikant Jadhav. These players are in starting-7 and they will score consistently. Make sure that for Grand-Leagues, second and third raiders will be the best option for picking as captain and vice-captain. 

For Grand-League:

  1. All will make Rohit/ Pawan as Captain or Vice-Captain. So make Shrikanth Jhadav as Captain. As Raiders get more fantasy points. Try to make them as Captain and Vice-Captain. 
  2. Try with Prashant Kumar Rai in one team.


The best player to watch in this section is Nitesh Kumar, who is scoring consistently and even Sachin also. Mahender Singh was good in their last 2 H2H matches, but he was not up to the mark in last few matches. Amit Sheoran has also been a player who scored good fantasy points in the last two matches.


There are 3 players to pick from this section. 

Kashiling Adake, Narender, and Sagar Krishna(if fit)

Kashiling Adake scoring on an avg of 15 fantasy points from last few matches. Narender was good in the last H2H match. So, put one player each in two teams for the small leagues.

TEAM-1:(Rohit as Captain, As Rohit was in good form and going for more raids and less unsuccessful raids)

H2H and Small leagues preferred.


Rohit Kumar, Pawan Sherawat/ Shrikant Jadhav

TEAM2(Based upon their last H2H match)

If Rohit fails, definitely PAWAN SHERAWAT will be the crucial player. So make him also as a Captain in some of the teams.


  1. Bhanu Pratap Tomar/ Prashant Kumar Rai in place of Rishank Devadiga

Think Smarter:

Join with 3-4 teams in small leagues like 3 members, where 1 is the winner. So make 3-4 teams with my information.

Thank You.

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